Ruko Transmission Quadcopter Anti shake Resistance


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  • u3010ud835udc05ud835udc00ud835udc00 ud835udc11ud835udc1eud835udc26ud835udc28ud835udc2dud835udc1e ud835udc08ud835udc03u3011: The F11GIM2 drone complies with remote ID requirements. If you can’t find your drone’s RID. please get in touch with us through the contact information on the manual or our website. we will provide you support promptly.
  • u3010ud835udfd7ud835udfd6ud835udfceud835udfceud835udc05ud835udc13 ud835udc11ud835udc1eud835udc1aud835udc25-ud835udc2dud835udc22ud835udc26ud835udc1e ud835udc13ud835udc2bud835udc1aud835udc27ud835udc2cud835udc26ud835udc22ud835udc2cud835udc2cud835udc22ud835udc28ud835udc27u3011: F11GIM2 drone connects via USB with your phone for quick snaps. It has a flying range of up to 9800ft (3 km). Beginner mode limits the flying height and distance to 98ft. Turn off beginner mode to explore distant landscapes.
  • u3010ud835udc14ud835udc29ud835udc20ud835udc2bud835udc1aud835udc1dud835udc1eud835udc1d ud835udc11ud835udc1eud835udc26ud835udc28ud835udc2dud835udc1e ud835udc02ud835udc28ud835udc27ud835udc2dud835udc2bud835udc28ud835udc25u3011: The remote control is upgraded to a USB connection model with enhance image transmission stability and security. boasting an ergonomic design that offers a more comfortable grip. Additionally. the removable joysticks improve the convenience of storage and carrying. ud835udc00ud835udc2dud835udc2dud835udc1eud835udc27ud835udc2dud835udc22ud835udc28ud835udc27 ud835udc02ud835udc2eud835udc2cud835udc2dud835udc28ud835udc26ud835udc1eud835udc2bud835udc2c: during the transition. you might receive either the latest version or the previous one.
  • u3010ud835udfd2ud835udc0a ud835udc02ud835udc1aud835udc26ud835udc1eud835udc2bud835udc1a ud835udc30ud835udc22ud835udc2dud835udc21 ud835udc06ud835udc22ud835udc26ud835udc1bud835udc1aud835udc25 ud835udc1aud835udc27ud835udc1d ud835udc04ud835udc08ud835udc12u3011: This 4K drone captures video and photo at up to 3840×2160 resolution. With 2-axis gimbal and Electric Image Stabilization technology. video recording is more stable. 5x digital zoom and 80 degrees adjustable lens ensure more flexibal to switch between lenses of different distances and directions.
  • u3010ud835udc05ud835udc25ud835udc22ud835udc20ud835udc21ud835udc2d ud835udc13ud835udc22ud835udc26ud835udc1e ud835udc04ud835udc31ud835udc2dud835udc1eud835udc27ud835udc1dud835udc1eud835udc1d ud835udc2dud835udc28 ud835udfd4ud835udfd2 ud835udc0cud835udc22ud835udc27ud835udc2cu3011: F11GIM2 can fly for up to 32 minutes on a single charge. Came with two intelligent batteries. you can have a total of 64mins flight time per trip. Less hasty. and more leisurely. Real-time power level is available on the app and remote control.
  • u3010ud835udc06ud835udc0fud835udc12 ud835udc03ud835udc2bud835udc28ud835udc27ud835udc1eu3011: This drone will return to the take off point once battery is low. signal is lost or you press one-key return button. Never lose your drone. GPS follow me. point of interest and waypoint fly functions are perfect for hiking. cycling. surfing. skiing. self-portrait and historical landmark recording.
  • u3010ud835udc0bud835udc1eud835udc2fud835udc1eud835udc25 ud835udfd4 ud835udc16ud835udc22ud835udc27ud835udc1d ud835udc11ud835udc1eud835udc2cud835udc22ud835udc2cud835udc2dud835udc1aud835udc27ud835udc1cud835udc1eu3011: With built in brushless motor. the flying of F11GIM2 drones for adults is quiet and stable. Everything is under your control even in windy weather because it is good at maintainning its position against blowing wind. No shaky images or videos.
  • u3010ud835udc0dud835udc28ud835udc2dud835udc1eu3011: u2460Start with beginner-friendly mode: If you’re new to flying drones. consider starting with a Beginner Mode. Take the time to understand the basic controls of your drone. u2461Calibration required: Before each flight. make sure to calibrate your drone according to the instructions. This helps ensure accurate sensors and stable flight performance. u2462Get technical support: Ruko offers a 30-day return or replacement policy along with a 2-year warranty for quality assurance.

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Best Sellers Rank #1.900 in Toys & Games (See Top 100 in Toys & Games) #10 in Hobby RC Quadcopters & Multirotors
Date First Available March 5. 2021

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