Ruko Quadcopter Brushless Motor Blackuff082 Batteries


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  • u3010ud835udc05ud835udc00ud835udc00 ud835udc02ud835udc28ud835udc26ud835udc29ud835udc25ud835udc22ud835udc1aud835udc27ud835udc1cud835udc1eu3011Ruko F11PRO drone complies with the FAA Declaration of Compliance. which you can check on the FAA website and will not affect the normal use of the drone. If you have any questions about FAA Remote ID. please feel free to contact the Ruko Customer Support team for assistance.
  • u30106ud835udfce ud835udc0cud835udc22ud835udc27ud835udc2c ud835udc05ud835udc25ud835udc22ud835udc20ud835udc21ud835udc2d ud835udc13ud835udc22ud835udc26ud835udc1eu3011F11PRO 4K drone equipped with 2 powerful 11.1V 2500mAh intelligent batteries provides up to 60 minutes flight time in total. giving you more fun!
  • u3010ud835udc06ud835udc2bud835udc1eud835udc1aud835udc2d ud835udc06ud835udc22ud835udc1fud835udc2d ud835udc1fud835udc28ud835udc2b ud835udc01ud835udc1eud835udc20ud835udc22ud835udc27ud835udc27ud835udc1eud835udc2bud835udc2cu3011This 4K drone is an excellent gift for beginners. especially if you want to get your kids/ friends/ wife/ neighbors introduced to drones. It is great for someone who wants to get into the Hobby and learn how to fly drones.
  • u3010ud835udc04ud835udc1aud835udc2cud835udc32 ud835udc2dud835udc28 ud835udc0bud835udc1eud835udc1aud835udc2bud835udc27 ud835udc1aud835udc27ud835udc1d ud835udc05ud835udc2eud835udc27 ud835udc2dud835udc28 ud835udc05ud835udc25ud835udc32u3011It comes with beginner settings easy for you to get started. Intelligent flight features like Follow Me Mode. Tap Fly. Point of Interest. and Hand Gesture Shots make you fly like a little pilot to explore the fun of the aerial film. just One-click. It will fly itself and film your creative video.
  • u3010ud835udc0bud835udc1eud835udc2fud835udc1eud835udc25 ud835udfd4 ud835udc16ud835udc22ud835udc27ud835udc1d ud835udc11ud835udc1eud835udc2cud835udc22ud835udc2cud835udc2dud835udc1aud835udc27ud835udc1cud835udc1eu3011The brushless motor has stronger power. which can make the drone fly more stably and can resist the wind of level 6. The aluminum alloy casing is more durable than others of iron motors. it is durable for a long time used.
  • u3010ud835udfd2ud835udc0a ud835udc14ud835udc07ud835udc03 ud835udc02ud835udc1aud835udc26ud835udc1eud835udc2bud835udc1au3011Experience splendid 4k Ultra HD picture quality and 2.9k/30fps video for stunning clarity. high contrast. and vivid colors. Bring amazing view sight. The camera with a ud835udfcfud835udfd0ud835udfceu00b0FOV lens and ud835udfd7ud835udfceu00b0adjustable camera gives a broad view of your memorable moment.
  • u3010ud835udc06ud835udc0fud835udc12 ud835udc00ud835udc2eud835udc2dud835udc28 ud835udc11ud835udc1eud835udc2dud835udc2eud835udc2bud835udc27 ud835udc07ud835udc28ud835udc26ud835udc1e ud835udc04ud835udc27ud835udc2cud835udc2eud835udc2bud835udc1eud835udc2c ud835udc18ud835udc28ud835udc2e ud835udc05ud835udc25ud835udc32 ud835udc12ud835udc1aud835udc1fud835udc1eud835udc25ud835udc32u3011The F11PRO drones with camera for adults 4k will auto-returning to the takeoff location when it’s lost signal. or low power. don’t have to worry about losing your drone. just enjoy the fun of flying.


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