Romex 63950032 Black Stranded SIMpull


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  • VERSATILE CABLE FOR RESIDENTIAL USES: NM-B cable is primarily used in residential wiring as branch circuits for outlets; switches; lighting; and other loads NM-B cable may be run in air voids of masonry block or tile walls where such walls are not wet or damp locations
  • DURABLE: Type NM-B cable (nonmetallic-sheathed cable) may be used for both exposed and concealed work in normally dry locations at temperatures not to exceed 90u00acu221eC (with ampacity limited to that for 60u00acu221eC conductors
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Coated in patented SIMpull Cable Jacket for easier pulling; stripping; and installation
  • QUICK SIZE IDENTIFICATION: This wire is color coaded for easy size identeification; White – 14 AWG; Yellow – 12 AWG; Orange – 10 AWG; and Black – 8 AWG and 6 AWG
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Made in America; 6 gauge; 3 conductors with ground; 50′ per coilUL Listed type NM-B

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Wire, Wire + Circuit Breaker, Wire + Device Box, Wire + Receptacle Outlet, Black


Black, Wire+CircuitBreaker, Wire+DeviceBox, Wire+ReceptacleOutlet


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