Moxie Conversational GPT Powered Articulating Emotion Responsive


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  • MEET MOXIE: Moxie offers play-based conversational learning that helps kids practice in-person social interaction in a judgement-free environment and reduces kids anxiety in social settings.
  • UNLOCK SOCIAL SUPERPOWERS: 71% of children who used Moxie saw improved social skills. Moxie has been shown to increase positivity. self esteem. emotion regulation and empathy; (based on a month-long study of 51 children.)
  • PERSONALIZED TO YOUR CHILD: Moxie provides emotional-learning activities that are personalized based on your child’s responsiveness and parent settings.
  • KIDSECURE CHAT: Having a conversation with Moxie is like having a chat with a real friend with your kidu2019s interests. Moxie’s KidSecure Chat is designed to create a safe way for kids have real AI conversations with age-appropriate filters.
  • UNLIMITED FAMILY MEMBERSHIP: Get unlimited access for your family to Moxie’s growing library of games. missions and lessons on topics like recognizing emotions. expressing kindness. making friends and understanding social cues.
  • ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE US: Moxie is not available to ship to other countries at this time.


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