INMOTION V5F Electric Unicycle Adults


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  • Upgraded Hoverboard: Do you want something more exciting and challenging than a hoverboard? How about an electric unicycle? The Inmotion V5F electric unicycle is designed with inspiration from the BMX spirit. With the latest technology and design. this unicycle will allow you to perform tricks like a pro. Take your riding skills to a whole new level!
  • Your Playground Just Got Bigger: Features a powerful 550W motor and a top speed of up to 15.5 mph. this electric one-wheel has a 374WH built-in battery with a charging time of 4 hours. allowing you to charge it quickly and get back to your playground in no time. Get on. press go. and coast down anywhere with ease!
  • Challenge Yourself: Learning anything new is difficult. but also fun. Riding a V5F electric unicycle can be challenging as well. But If you stick with it and keep practicing. you will be able to master any skill. no matter how difficult it is. Your courage and perseverance during the learning period are what will help you tackle any difficult task in the future.
  • Great Safety Features: Thanks to its intelligent anti-spin button and smart tilt-back protection mechanism. you can enjoy a pleasant ride without worrying about falling over. The 14inches premium-grade tire of this self-balancing unicycle enables you to travel through all kinds of terrains effortlessly. This electric wheel Weigh only 26 lbs
  • Special Gift: INMOTION V5F is the best one wheel electric unicycle for a beginner. take it and ride it together with your lover to celebrate the joy of learning new skills together. This electric vehicle can be the most exciting gift of the year because everyone can have fun with it. from kids to adults. It’s ideal for city commutes. travel use and just having some fun outdoors.


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